Camping at SAVIMA Mangroves

Imagine this: walking in a 500 meter boardwalk through the canopy of mangrove forest, their different roots intriguing, birds chirping at the background, in a wonderful morning.

That’s what we saw after breaking camp. Everything was perfect.

Magical Kayaking in Bohol

It’s probably more mystical than magical. But magical nonetheless.

I love kayaking and upon knowing about Kayakasia Philippines’ offerings at Abatan river Bohol, I know I must try it out.

Bohol Sea of Clouds

Bohol’s Sea of Clouds – sea of low clouds that can be witnessed in the remote towns of Bohol. It was even compared to the so called “Playground of the gods”, Luzon’s Mt. Pulag. While many already visited, quite a number still have questions unanswered. This then are the answers from the locals!

Templos Handcrafted Soaps

I came across this artisanal organic soap that is based in Bohol and are made using local materials. So I went on a mission to test it !

Danao Park’s New Adventure!

I could say this is the scariest ride… I have an issue when it comes to falling- in all aspect in life . I’ve already experiences free fall and it’s something…

Alicia’s Panoramic Park

This place is one of the most scenic places that I have been in Bohol and is a place that we should protect and preserve. First, mind that the town of Alicia is not just blessed with beautiful sceneries but is where ALICIA SCHIST, the oldest known rocks in Bohol can be found. These rocks…

Adventures in Anda, Bohol

Somebody asked me, “What is your favorite town in Bohol?”. That got me thinking then realized I like many towns in Bohol but first one that came to my mind is the town of Anda.

Bohol’s Little Darling

Sometimes, you are torn between going to a place where you can have total peace and relaxation, or going to a place where you can interact with people and enjoy their culture and the crowd’s company. And there are lots of options. But very few for enjoying both. Which is one of the reasons why…

The Momo Magic

That weekend was like staying in my own beach house and for once not caring about what’s going on in the world. It was a well deserved rest from a busy week.  I would have wanted to keep this place to myself (so selfish of me.) 😂. But this place deserve more acknowledgement than other…

UP Singing Ambassadors, Behold Bohol

A night full of wonderful music. I’ve been looking up to University of the Philippines Singing Ambassadors ever since and have heard them live once and was thrilled. That night on a full live show with the Conductor/Founder Ed Manguiat himself, I was in awe. Last June 12, 2017 The Philippine Academy of Family Physicians,…

Beyond Monkeys

Magsaysay Park in Bilar Bohol is famous for their “too friendly” Philippine Long Tailed Macaques. But, this place is in fact much more than these monkeys. Magsaysay Park, located in Riverside Bilar, Bohol is just a small portion of Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape (RSPL). RSPL is an area of forested limestone hills, grasslands and natural…

A Village Full of Surprises!

Let me introduce to you: Cambuhat River Village of Buenavista, Bohol. Before going to this village, I have heard stories of the place and it was not quite what I had imagined. It was more. From Tagbilaran City, the town of Buenavista is more or less a two hour trip and the strip of Cambuhat…